Competing in a team is a great way to play tennis regularly, improve your game and meet new people. It offers that incentive to put into action all those hours of hard work on the training/practice court to the match court. At SOATC we strongly believe Team Tennis offers a high energy team building environment that everyone can enjoy.

How does being part of Team Tennis benefit the club and players?

Tennis ball It provides players with regular team competition over a set time period
Tennis ball It provides a focus for the clubs teams and helps promote an enjoyable competitive atmosphere
Tennis ball It increases the profile of the club and contributes to the attraction and retention of members
Tennis ball It offers players the chance to represent their club in competitive singles and doubles team tennis

Team above all... Above all a Team!

SOATC Teams:

Tennis ball Mini Tennis Teams - Red 5-8 years | Orange 8-9 years | Green 10 years
Tennis ball Boys' Teams - Under 12 | U14 | U16 | U18 years
Tennis ball Girls' Teams - Under 12 | U14 | U16 | U18 years
Tennis ball Men's Teams - 13 years +
Tennis ball Ladies Teams - 13 years +
Tennis ball Mixed Teams - 13 years +