Pay & Play

SOATC is a registered Place to Play, giving Non-Members/Visitors the opportunity to come and participate on our tennis courts on a Pay & Play basis. The aim is to increase opportunities for people to play tennis on a regular basis at a tennis club close to their home, which provides high quality opportunities on safe and well maintained tennis courts.

We offer three Pay & Play options to Non-Members/Visitors: Court BookingsCoaching Courses and Individual Lessons. Each option has variable fees dependent on the player and booking type.

If you would like to book a tennis court and are not a member of the Club, please contact Natalie Green:


Contact Details:

  Phone:   01789 295801

Pay & Play Options:

Court Bookings: (Non-Members Fee - Arrange Booking with Club)

Tennis ball Weekdays (09:00-17:00): £8 Fee (per hour/court)
Tennis ball Evenings (17:00-22:00): £16 Fee (per hour/court)
Tennis ball Weekends: £16 Fee (per hour/court)

Coaching Courses: (Non-Members Additional Fee - Book prior to Course starting)

Tennis ball Juniors (8-18): +£1.50 Fee (per hour)
Tennis ball Adults: +£3 Fee (per hour)

Individual Lessons: (Non-Members Additional Fee)

Tennis ball Juniors (3-18): +£2 Fee (per hour)
Tennis ball Adults: +£4 Fee (per hour)

 Go Play!